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About the Flight Deck

Partnering for Excellence

Inspired by the open, collaborative and creatively designed working spaces, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) has established "The Flight Deck” Innovation Lab at the Communitech Hub in Kitchener to push the limits of research and development.

Since November of 2016, we’ve helped the RCAF take their status to the next level by providing them with the tools and technology they need to turn excellent ideas into reality. Get in touch if you believe you have a disruptive idea with potential for growth and success.

The flight deck logo, a circled maple leaf with the words Innovative Mindset, Optimal Solutions

Here's a look into the life at the Flight Deck! 


The Innovation Section is a result of the RCAF Comd’s desire to change the culture towards one that is more innovative. In November 2016, LGen Hood decided that if we are to achieve this, we needed a physical presence within an innovation culture, and the Flight Deck was born at Communitech in early 2017.

Why Kitchener?


Waterloo region is currently the world’s third-largest innovation hub, often referred to as the silicon valley of the North. Formerly a manufacturing powerhouse, Kitchener has established itself as a tech hotbed. The Communitech ecosystem fosters “Tech for Good” by placing like-minded organizations together in a setting that facilitates experimentation, education, exchange of ideas, and networking. The Flight Deck is the RCAF’s opportunity to get ahead of the curve or catch up at the very least.

Since the Flight Deck launch in 2017 over 500 members have received formal training in Design Thinking Methodology offered through Communitech Academy Programs. Many industry engagements have been initiated and modern tech solutions have been developed, incorporated and now used daily by thousands of members in the RCAF, with many more to come.

The Team

Jason McNeil, the Flight Deck Technical Lead

Jason McNeil

Senior Software Developer

Tech Lead

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Ali Saoud

Senior Software Developer

Team Lead

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Hermanus Botha

Data Science

AI/ML Lead

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Connor Rogerson

Full Stack Developer

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Ahmed Fawzy

Full Stack Developer

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Yash Patel

Full Stack Developer

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Kunal Varkekar

Full Stack Developer

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Sydney LeBlanc

Product Manager

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