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Research and Development Projects

We utilize the latest technology and software to explore and develop innovative solutions for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Check out some of the exciting projects we've worked on!


July 2018

TABS is a web based booking system for targets and airspaces. It was designed for the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range (CLAWR) but could easily be adapted for other air weapons ranges.TABS is a scheduling tool that is tightly integrated with the 3D space that fighter aircraft operate in.

Red Pages

January 2019

RedPages is an iOS application and micro-learning platform for flight staff, 
providing a convenient way to review procedures and evaluate one’s knowledge. 
It also helps administration by provides an aggregated view into the overall flight procedure awareness of all flight staff as well as the detailed training information for an individual flight member.


April 2020

HUD is a cloud-based link sharing platform for links to teams’ digital tools, frequently visited websites and anything else on the internet that might be easily lost in email chains, slack messages etc. The idea for HUD came from the assumption that due to an increasing need to use online tools for team productivity while working from home, teams would be overwhelmed and need a way to organize these tools. HUD allows users to invite members to their HUD, where they are then able to add, edit and delete links for the entire team.


April 2021

The updated Canadian Beacon Registry (CBR) Website will serve a critical role in the Search and Rescue (SAR) operations of the RCAF as a part of the COSPAS-SARSAT (C/S) System. The Canadian Mission Control Centre in Trenton, ON, will use the CBR to access information on alert beacons should a signal be received from a craft in distress. The updated CBR website will ensure users can accurately register their beacons through an accessible and intelligent interface, and will exist to provide precise and effective data to SAR personnel, helping to save lives.


January 2019

FinTrax is a native iOS app that was developed to minimize the administrative burden connected to completing financial documents on a per flight basis. Basecamps revealed that the old model of completing these forms was highly inefficient and was reducing employee satisfaction and thus retention rates. Fintrax solved this problem and more, by providing a simple, digitized, and more intuitive process for completing and tracking financial information.


December 2019

Rise is a cloud-based RCAF-wide innovation platform. The vision of Rise is to create a space for Air Force members to be able to build connections, conversation, and collaborate to foster innovation. We want to empower the core stakeholders to have discussions independent of rank. This platform was designed to be mobile first to encourage users to be constantly engaged and showcased The Flight Deck's ability to deploy a software solution within three weeks.


August 2020

Passports is an application that allows clerks to manage all things passports through a single app which streamlines the workflow for creating tasking packages, handling visa applications, and managing expiring passports. Previously, creating a tasking package (a collection of passports) required a significant amount of manual data entry and back-and-forth communication to obtain all necessary information. The passports application condenses all of the information, having all relevant information readily available in a single location. 


December 2021

Maintainer is a website utilized for project management for maintenance projects, such as the periodic of an airplane. The purpose of this application is to lead the RCAF towards predictive maintenance, more complex project management, and reduced aircraft downtime. As an advancement past Excel Sheets, Maintainer utilizes tools such as dashboards, Kanban boards, and Gantt charts to best streamline work and make maintenance projects more efficient. 


May 2019

Dispatch is a cloud-based mission-planning platform for air mobility. This app helps to plan operations such as aircraft handling, fueling, customs, itineraries, and crew lists. Previously, this was all done on an Access database that was buggy, unmaintained, and had a long learning time. Now with Dispatch, the process is streamlined and digitized to reduce duplicate effort, save resources, and increase employee satisfaction.


December 2019

Pulse was an attempt to modernize the Canadian Beacon Registry Verification (CBRV) system by moving it to the cloud and automating tedious processes. Pulse receives and parses a SIT message, extracts and decodes the beacon hex code, and searches for the beacon’s owner in the Canadian Beacon Registry (CBR) and the Transport Canada (TC) databases. If an owner is found, they can be notified by email that their test has been received.

Covid CTRL

October 2020

 This application acts as a decision making tool to be used while planning missions by assessing the risk of acquiring COVID-19 in any location. This tool provides users with the COVID point prevalence relative to the chosen location, (the proportion of individuals in the chosen location’s population infected with COVID-19), and subsequent quarantine and testing recommendations based on the mission acceptable risk, the size of the group, and the point prevalence. Made in collaboration with the Defence Research and Development Canada.

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