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NEW: Newsletter Issue 44

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Who we are

Partnering for Excellence

Inspired by the open, collaborative and creatively designed working spaces, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) has established "The Flight Deck” Innovation Lab at the Communitech Hub in Kitchener to push the limits of research and development.

Since November of 2016, we’ve helped the RCAF take their status to the next level by providing them with the tools and technology they need to turn excellent ideas into reality. Get in touch if you believe you have a disruptive idea with potential for growth and success.

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What we do

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Research and Development

We utilize the latest technology and software to explore and develop innovative solutions for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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We partner with start-ups, industry leaders, and academia in order to utilize the latest technologies and their capabilities.

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Education Programs

We host basecamps to teach members of the RCAF the innovative mindset of agile, sprint and design thinking methodologies commonly practiced in the tech start-up industry.

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Every 4 months, the Flight Deck recruits a new round of co-ops from the University of Waterloo. Business Developers, Full Stack Developers, and more. Interested? Apply on WaterlooWorks.

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Co-Op Testimonials


John Burtt
Full Stack Developer

Having the chance to work directly alongside Jason, Ali and Ben this term has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much in the way of software development strategies and practices.

Going to Greenwood was truly special as I got to visit Nova Scotia for the first time and learn about how an airbase functions firsthand. I never thought I would get the opportunity to explore Halifax during a co-op term and doing so with the maintainer team, as well as spending time with Jason and his family at his home is something that I will never forget.

Overall, although this is only my second of six co-op terms, I am already sure that it will be one of my favorites and I would like to thank everyone at the Flight Deck for that. I hope that I will one day get to come back and work with this team again.


Ben Lin
Full Stack Developer

It has been a lot of fun working at the RCAF flight deck! It was great to work alongside John, Ali, Jason, and Connor this term. They're definitely some of the nicest, most helpful, and most knowledgeable people I've ever worked with.

I'm also so thankful for the amazing opportunity to travel that this co-op has given us. Visiting an Air Force base in Nova Scotia was definitely something I never thought I'd do. It was a lot of fun travelling and getting to know the people I worked with.

This term has helped me grow and learn so much and get skills that I never had the chance to work on. Thank you to everyone at the Flight Deck for making this an amazing term!


Vidhi Gokani
Product Manager

I’ve had a great 4 months working with the RCAF. My experience working with the Hangar team has been valuable, and I’ve learned a lot about UI/UX design and product management! 

This has definitely been a unique experience, as I got to go to British Columbia and visit an Air Force base! I don’t think any future co-op term could top that. I’ve been exposed to so many different aspects of the RCAF and am grateful that I got to see how my efforts directly impacted for whom I had designed. 

These months went by really quickly and I felt that I grew a lot with my skills. I would totally recommend the RCAF as a place to work at, I found my experience to be very rewarding. Best wishes to the Flight Deck team!


Janvi Ganatra
Product Manager

I’ve had an incredible experience working for the RCAF! It’s been a pleasure being a part of the Flight Deck team with some of the most friendly and knowledgeable people I’ve met.

These past few months have been a fulfilling experience working on meaningful projects for Dispatch to support flight admin and mission planning within the Air Force! I’m most grateful for the opportunity to interact with members of the Air Force and be involved in its digital transformation while seeing its impact. Furthermore, visiting 19 Wing Comox in BC and flying on the Cormorant and Aurora have been experiences of a lifetime.

This term, I’ve seen myself grow and develop skills in UX/UI, design thinking and product management. This experience has been highly rewarding and I would without a doubt recommend working here. Thank you to everyone at Flight Deck for a wonderful term, I hope to cross paths again!

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